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Academic Success Center

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Created in 2014, the Academic Success Center’s mission is to provide a comfortable space for Mercy Girls to study together, collaborate on group projects and seek specific academic assistance.  Throughout the day the Academic Success Coordinator facilities the aid of peer tutors, alumnae tutors, one-on-one teacher assistance and directed intervention for Mercy’s entire student body.  Stop in at any time during the school day and find the ASC buzzing with self-directed as well as peer-led academic excellence!
The Academic Success Center is open to all students during study hall and after school until 3:45.
The ASC provides a collaborative space for the following purposes:

  • Peer tutoring (arranged through the Academic Success Coordinator)
  • Walk-in help from National Honor Society tutors
  • Tutoring sessions with alumnae or college  tutors
  • Regular study group meetings
  • One on one consultation with the Academic Success Coordinator
  • Self-directed individual study
  • Group project work

The Academic Success Coordinator facilities the use of the Academic Success Center.  She arranges all tutoring, schedules study sessions for final exams and serves as a liaison between the student’s specific needs and the teachers in addition to overseeing the hour-by-hour operation of the ASC.