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Preparing for a student’s future begins immediately at Mercy High School. Starting at the freshman level, students start to take a realistic look at where they want to be upon graduating through the help of testing and career surveys.  At Mercy, we provide students with the tools and resources to keep their college or career search an ongoing process.

  • Full-time Guidance Counselor : The Guidance Counselor administers standardized tests and aptitude tests and meets with each student for college and career counseling based on the results of these tests.  In addition, the Guidance Counselor arranges for college representatives to make on-site visits to Mercy, assists students with setting up visits on college campuses, and provides financial aid materials and resources for students and parents to review.


    • Academic Advisor : Every student has an Academic Advisor assigned to her.  This advisor oversees the student’s academic progress and her overall academic plan for her four years at Mercy High School.  The advisor becomes the “contact” person for both parents and students regarding academic issues.  Since each advisor has only 15-16 students assigned, it is possible for the advisor to stay in close contact with the student and her parents. The advisor gets to each student’s interests and abilities quite well and becomes a key player in the student’s college and career counseling.


  • Academic Success Coordinator: The Academic Success Coordinator ensures that Mercy students who may experience academic difficulty receive assistance from teachers, student tutors, or the 9th hour program. This faculty member works directly with all involved parties (student, faculty, tutors, and parents) to promote success in and outside the classroom, and also helps to accommodate the student’s individual learning challenges.