The curriculum offered at Mercy High School is second to none as evidenced through:

  • The long history of National Merit Scholars.
  • ACT and SAT scores surpassing State and National Scores.
  • The high percentage of Mercy graduates completing their undergraduate degrees, as well as the high number who pursue advanced degrees.
  • National and State recognition received by students in academic areas and in the fine arts.
  • Wireless computer access in every classroom.
  • The number of students earning credits through Advanced Placement courses or Dual Enrollment options.
  • Online courses with other Mercy High schools around the country.
  • Library offers university and public library access.
  • Student server for off-campus access to student files.
  • Interactive website, EdLine, which allows students and parents access to grades and assignments at any time.
  • Students being “placed” in the level of class best suited to challenge them, based on the professional and personal knowledge of their academic advisors.
  • Students graduating with a high degree of competence and confidence, reportedly facing the challenges of collegiate work better than their peers.

“Mercy High School is accredited by the State of Nebraska Department of Education, the AdvancED Association (formerly known as the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges) and is a member of the National Catholic Education Association, and the Mercy Education Network.”

Mercy High School students can earn college credit by taking Dual Enrollment courses.

The following are the dual enrollment arrangements in effect for 2013-14.  They are subject to change.


     University of Nebraska-Omaha
     – 3 credit hours in Spanish 2120 for completing Spanish IV 


     College of St. Mary
      – 3 credit hours in Theology for completing Women in the Church


      Midland University
      – 6 credit hours in History 111 & History 112 for completing AP US History
      – 4 credit hours in Math 220 for completing AP Calculus.
      – 3 credit hours in History 160 for completing AP European History.  


      Nebraska Wesleyan
      – 3 credit hours in College French II (1st Semester) for completing French III
      – 3 credit hours in College French II (2nd Semester) for completing French IV


Curriculum Guide

Please view our current curriculum guide to see all of the courses we offer at Mercy High School.