Programs of Study


Academic excellence is the hallmark of a Mercy education. The vast majority of Mercy students follow a College Prep Program, through a well-rounded curriculum which allows them to also pursue interests in the Fine Arts, Business, and Family & Consumer Sciences.


With a 13:1 student teacher ratio, each student has a customized educational plan designed to ensure her success both inside and outside the classroom.


College Prep

On average 97% of Mercy students choose to attend college, and 60% of these students receive scholarships to the college/university of her choice. Mercy offers many Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses, resulting in a significant number of students completing high school with some college credits already earned.  Every  student is prepared to continue her education beyond graduation from Mercy High School.



College Prep Classes

  • 8 credits THEOLOGY
  • 8 credits ENGLISH
  • 2.5 credits P.E.
  • 1 credit HEALTH
  • 2 credits ALGEBRA I
  • 2 credits GEOMETRY
  • 2 credits ALGEBRA II
  • 2 credits MATH ELECTIVE
  • 2 credits U.S. HISTORY
  • 2 credits WORLD HISTORY
  • 2 credits BIOLOGY
  • 2 credits CHEMISTRY
  • 2 credits PHYSICS
  • 2 credits SCIENCE ELECTIVE
  • 1 credit SPEECH
  • 2 credits FINE ARTS
  • 4-8 credits FOREIGN LANGUAGE


AP & Honors Courses
Mercy High School offers a variety of Honors courses in many departments, designed for higher ability students.  Advanced Placement courses, which are audited and approved by the College Board, are offered by the math, science, social studies, music and English departments.   AP courses  assure that students are fully prepared for the challenges of collegiate programs.  Most universities grant college credit for students who perform well on the AP exams administered each May.


Dual Enrollment
Mercy High School students can earn college credit by by choosing to dual enroll with the following universities, who have reviewed the Mercy course and deemed it equivalent to their college-level course:


The following are the dual enrollment arrangements in effect for 2015-16.  They are subject to change.


     University of Nebraska-Omaha
– Spanish IV
– Spanish V


     College of St. Mary
– Her-Story: Women in the Church
– Theology and the Arts


      Nebraska Wesleyan University
– French III
– French IV
– French V
– AP Government
– AP US History
– AP European History


Business Administration
Mercy High School offers a variety of classes for students wishing to pursue a career or education in business. Accounting, Computer Applications, Introduction to Business, Foundations of Business, and Introduction to 21st Century Technology are just a few of the classes students can elect to take during their years at Mercy.


General Program
All students need to take a minimum of 50 credit hours in order to graduate from Mercy High School. The curriculum at Mercy ensures that the educational needs of our diverse student population are met, with courses offered at all educational levels.


Curriculum Guide
Please view our current curriculum guide to see all of the courses we offer at Mercy High School.