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Tuition & Financing

Tuition ConferenceSFirst in bringing Catholic education to Omaha; First in financial aid.

“No work of charity can be more productive of good to society than the careful instruction of women” -Catherine McAuley, Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy

Mercy High School awards the most financial assistance, per student, than any other high school in the Omaha area.

Over 82% of our families benefit from this program and annually, $1.6 million in tuition assistance is distributed.

We believe that a quality, faith-based education should be available to any girl who desires it, and such is a view we share with Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy.  Our Negotiated Tuition Program provides an individualized covenant between Mercy and each family, respecting family unique needs and income.

Financing comes from fundraising events, activities and appeals supported by parents, alumnae, volunteers, friends, faculty and staff.  In additional, funding comes from an endowment established by the Sisters of Mercy and Friends of Mercy.  Students are part of the fundraising mission and are actively involved in these events.

Are all Negotiated Tuition Plans in Omaha the same?
No. Mercy’s is the only plan in which the school President meets with each family to arrive at a tuition figure that is just for the family and the school. Mercy’s Negotiated Tuition is the most individualized program in the area.

How is Mercy’s process unique from other negotiated tuition processes?
The family of every new student has a confidential conference with the President of Mercy High School. To prepare for this conference each family must complete and submit a Family Financial Review created by Mercy, plus provide copies of their most recent Income Tax Return and W-2s, and enter into a realistic conversation to establish a tuition plan. These conferences occur during March and April after the student registers for classes at Mercy.

Are there also scholarships available to attend Mercy High School?
There are numerous academic scholarships available. These scholarships are based solely on the results of the Scholarship & Placement Exam taken in January at Mercy. Each school year over $60,000 may be awarded to students.

Does Mercy have a work study program?
Yes. Over 75% of the juniors, sophomores and freshmen participate in the work study program. They are assigned light housekeeping, secretarial jobs or special projects. The students complete their work study on a daily basis either before or after school, or during their study hall.

Are there other sources of tuition support for our daughter?
Yes. Many local parishes, schools and Catholic organizations offer scholarships. You will need to contact them. In January applications are available to you for the Omaha Archdiocese Education Fund (OAEF). You will need to complete and submit the OAEF application.

Are there additional costs?
Yes, there are registration and activities fees for each student. Books and uniforms must also be purchased.  Students also must own a generation 4 iPad or higher (minimum 16 GB and this would include the iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, or iPad Mini).

Do all parents participate in Mercy High School fundraising activities?
Yes. Each parent participates in at least two Mercy fundraising activities a year. Everyone volunteers for FIESTA (our annual auction dinner) and is asked to assist with at least one other activity. Parent’s time and talent are valued and appreciated contributions to Mercy High School.

Mercy’s Negotiated Tuition is a morally just, confidential, individualized covenant between Mercy and each family, respecting each family’s needs and income, and providing equal access. This program has been a successful part of Mercy since 1990.*
*Mercy High School is committed to making this educational choice possible for every girl who wants to attend Mercy. It is expected that each family will be equally committed. Therefore, every family must pay tuition.

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