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All School Reunion

Sunday, June 5, 2016
9: 00 a.m. Mass
Complimentary Brunch and Tours

Top 5 Reasons to Plan Your Reunion during the weekend of the All School Reunion:
5. Class photo taken after the brunch.
4. Reserve seating at brunch.
3. Participate in the Mass.
2. Plan extra events for June 5 and 6.
1. Save time, money and other resources.

Begin planning your reunion today. Email the Alumnae Office or call (402) 553-9424 for additional information.

Planning Your Reunion

The Alumnae Office can help you plan your activities by providing:

Here are a few questions to help begin planning your reunion:

  • Will the reunion be a weekend-long event or a simple evening get-together?
  • Do you want to create a memorial booklet updating everyone’s lives?
  • What type of activities, alumnae only, family, etc.?

You may email Kristen Martin Beck, Alumnae Relations Director & Events Manager, or call her at (402) 553-9424.