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International Thespian Society

Theatre Tempest CastSMission: Commitment to theatre is what the International Thespian Society is all about. The Society was established in 1929 at Fairmont State College, Fairmont, West Virginia. They named their organization the National Thespian Society for Thespis, the Greek who, according to legend, was the first actor; their guiding principle was a dedication to excellence in theatre arts in secondary schools. The Society sponsors state, regional, national, and international theatre conferences where its members can learn more about the art and craft of theatre perform and see outstanding performances, and audition for scholarships. The goals of the Thespian Society are still the same. It still strives to give young adults a place for outstanding theatre where the standards of excellence in theatre arts will be advanced and to honor those students who do theatre well. In addition, it continues to be guided by the principles of its founders: a belief that participation in the arts is an essential means of widening students’ cultural horizons and enriching their lives.

Club Meetings: Once a month

Number of Members: Approximately 20 members, and 50 non-members who can still participate, open to all theatre students

Leadership Positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Historian and State Board Representatives.

Additional Information: Every year Mercy attends the ITS Nebraska State Convention. This is open to all members of the club even if they have not reached Thespian status yet. We also serve on the Nebraska State Thespian Board. Two students and the Director represent Mercy at these meeting once a month.