What Kind of Monarch are You?

Your favorite subject in school is:

Science: I love learning new things every day and figuring out how processes work.
PE: I love running around and learning how to play different types of sports.
Lunch: I love catching up with my classmates and people watching in the dining hall!
Art: I love drawing, painting, sculpting and finding new ways to express my creativity

The most likely item to be found in your locker is:

Your science project
The current issue of Sports Illustrated
A picture album of all your friends
A brand-new sketch book

Your backpack is usually covered with:

Your class schedule
Dirt and grass stains from last week's practice
Autographs and messages from all your friends
Designs and doodles in a variety of colors

On the weekends, you can be found:

In a coffee shop working on a paper
At the local field/gym, practicing with your teammates
At the mall, shopping with all your friends
Downtown at a new artist exhibit or listening to music at a local concert