Where Mercy Girls Become Women of Mercy

Mercy Fueled Her Creative Passion


“ Some of my best memories of my time at Mercy were spent creating,” said Molly Cavanaugh ’90, co-host of the Omaha morning drive radio show, “ The Big Party Morning Show,” on Channel 94.1 since 2006 and veteran of The Second City in Chicago.

“My jobs throughout my career have fallen into the ‘unique’ category and in no small part that was due to my being able to explore the more unique side of working life via my studies at Mercy and then at New York University (NYU),” she added.

Molly was very involved in theatre while a Mercy student and recalls fondly the rehearsals in the old gym. She feels that Mercy is a place where all interests are nurtured—from sports, to academics, to the arts.

She decided to attend Mercy because she encountered a ‘close knit feeling’ when she visited the school in 8th grade. Even though she attended Holy Cross across the street, she said the transition was much more than walking across that pavement.

She remembers fondly the Lock In event and the fun girls she met from all over the city.

“ It is funny because many of the women I met that night are still my dear friends almost 30 years later,” she said.

After graduating in 1990, she attended NYU and earned a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. She has traveled the world performing and writing for The Second City. Molly has always been drawn to “performing,” but she also is a blogger/columnist for Momaha.

Although she supports Mercy from a distance, she currently lives in Chicago; she has donated her time, talent and resources to the school. Molly recently narrated the school’s new brand video.

She is amazed by the impressive and remarkable things that her fellow classmates have done and knows their stories can motivate those who wonder, “What Mercy can do for me?” But she would turn around that question and pose to potential students,

“What do you want it to do?”

Molly’s answer would be that Mercy allowed her the support and opportunities to explore and strengthen her talents, both academically and creatively.

“That was my journey and Mercy was there with and for me along the way,” she added.

Pictured  from the front are: Sarah Regan, Mercy Principal, Senior Emma Ecker, Molly Cavanaugh and “Big Party. ”