Where Mercy Girls Become Women of Mercy

Mercy Lessons of Social Justice Impacted Her Career Choices  


“Mercy had a huge impact on the way I looked at the world and the person I’ve grown to become,” said Lynn Fullenkamp ’02.   The pediatric resident at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital/Brenner’s Hospital in North Carolina chose Wake Forest because they have a strong reputation for advocating for children, especially those living in poverty.

“I just started my pediatric residency this week and I am excited to say the feel is very Mercy-esque! I think my years at Mercy solidified for me the kind of person I want to be and the importance of looking out for others and doing whatever you can to help them,” she said.

Lynn’s perspective is not surprising. She decided to attend Mercy after visiting for a day with her sister’s best friend.   Her sister Beth attended the school and graduated in 2000.

“My decision to attend Mercy was based purely on a gut feeling that it was the place I belonged. I thought the girls were great and I wanted to be like them,” she added.

She credits learning many valuable life lessons while at Mercy. She was very active playing basketball, volleyball, running track, participating in Student Council and other clubs.

“Mercy allowed us a safe place to be ourselves, without judgment, always with a reminder to be kind to ourselves and our fellow classmates. Most importantly, they don’t teach just tolerance at Mercy, they teach acceptance and compassion for everyone. I think that is the thing that sticks with me most today,” Lynn said.

After graduating from Mercy, she attended Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri majoring in math with a minor in communications. From there Lynn went to law school at the University of Notre Dame School of Law. She practiced at Legal Aid of Western Missouri for three years before returning to school to pursue medicine. She graduated with a medical degree from the University of Kansas School of Medicine in May 2016.

“My strong social justice roots at Mercy have heavily impacted my career decisions, first leading me to represent indigent clients seeking state benefits (Medicaid, food stamps, etc.) and then to becoming a pediatrician,” she said.

Lynn tries to attend alumnae events when she is back in Omaha including FIESTA. She is still close to many classmates and they got together before she moved to North Carolina.


Pictured left to right are mom Cathie, Lynn, and father, John Fullenkamp at FIESTA.