Planned Giving

There are numerous ways to include Mercy High School in planned charitable giving, either during the donor’s lifetime or after death. An outright gift of appreciated property or stock to a charity may reduce your overall tax bill. A significant charitable gift is often more cost-effective when gifting an asset already owned.


Some of the most common options are as follows:


  • Gifting appreciated stock


  • Amending an existing life insurance policy to include Mercy High School as an additional beneficiary, or purchase a new one naming Mercy High School as the beneficiary


  • Amending a 401 (K) or IRA to include Mercy High School as a beneficiary;
    Asking an attorney to create a bequest to Mercy High School by adding a codicil to an existing will. A bequest can be a specific dollar amount, a fixed percentage of an estate, or a life income plan which provides for a surviving beneficiary after the donor’s death


  • Establishing a charitable gift annuity which provides the donor or his/her designee with fixed payments for life


  • Establishing a charitable remainder trust


Discuss all changes with an attorney and/or tax advisor, since tax laws change and must be considered for each individual’s personal circumstances. Tax laws are tools to be used and can leave the donor and the charity in a better position. It takes no planning to pay taxes ­ it takes planning to avoid taxes. Good stewardship of one’s charitable giving is a way to more effectively use God-given resources for God’s purpose.


Here are a few Planned Giving Opportunities:

  • Endowed teacher training/advanced degree award ($25,000 minimum)
  • Endowed minority tuition assistance ($50,000 minimum)
  • Endowed technology fund ($250,000 minimum)
  • Endowed academic department ($75,000 to $250,000 minimum), e.g., Theology, fine arts, business, athletics


The Mercy Legacy Society

The Mercy Legacy Society honors those who have remembered Mercy High School in their estate plans through wills, life insurance, charitable gift annuities, or other planned gifts. If you have made a will and have included Mercy High School, please notify the Advancement Office so that we may enter your name in our Mercy Legacy Society. If you would like to learn more about including Mercy in your estate plans, please contact Jim Pogge, Vice President for Advancement, at (402) 553-9424.


IS YOUR ESTATE PLAN UP-TO-DATE? (Join Mercy’s Legacy Society)

The creation of an estate plan recognizes that all of us, regardless of age, have needs to fulfill, many of which relate to concerns for the well-being of our family and those institutions we cherish. Thoughtful consideration and planning now will help provide your loved ones a more secure present as well as future. Taking the time necessary to create an estate plan is the best way to ensure that your personal and financial goals are achieved for the benefit of your family and those charitable institutions important to you.


Equally as important as creating an estate plan is to make certain that its provisions always meet your needs and goals. Changes in your personal and financial circumstances are excellent reasons to review your plans. Other external factors, such as recent changes in the tax laws and the rate of inflation, are also solid reasons to re-examine your plans.


Some of the reasons your plan may need to be revised include:

  1. A move to another state or country
  2. Children have grown
  3. Educational goals have been achieved
  4. Marital status has changed
  5. Births or deaths in your family
  6. Retirement
  7. Improved financial condition (job change, inheritance, lump-sum pension distribution, appreciation of assets, etc.)
  8. Significant change in the nature of your estate
  9. Substantial improvement or deterioration in the financial condition of one or more beneficiaries
  10. Increased asset protection from liability claims


In addition, the state in which you reside may have changed its laws, which will have a bearing on your plans. Your attorney can help you determine what impact these laws may have and what you can do to protect your assets.


Many of you have informed us that you have remembered Mercy High School in your estate plans. We appreciate your interest and your commitment to our mission, and are most grateful for the legacy you are leaving to many generations of Mercy alumnae.