Scholarships & Tuition Awards

Scholarships are awarded based on academic performance or placement tests scores while tuition awards are given for reasons such as financial need, leadership, or service, etc. A donor can establish an endowed named scholarship or tuition award with a minimum gift of $25,000. The scholarship or award can be funded in a variety of ways: a single gift; a series of gifts over several years; or a planned gift from the estate of the donor.


Numerous named endowed scholarships and tuition awards have been established within the Sister Mary Brendan O’Malley Endowment Fund, including the following:



  • Jesse J. & Angela M. Bavaresco Memorial Scholarship
  • Richard F. Chadek III Senior Scholarship
  • Tupper O’Hearn Cunningham Scholarship
  • Curnyn Family Scholarship
  • Sr. M. Justin Evans Memorial Scholarship
  • Commercial Federal Scholarship
  • Msgr. John A. Flynn Memorial Scholarship
  • John J. Franey Memorial Scholarship
  • Charles & Rene Garvey Scholarship
  • Mary Jane Smith Gerst Memorial Scholarship
  • Carolyn A. Jaworski Principal’s Scholarship
  • Carol Kastl Memorial Mathematics Scholarship
  • Sr. M. Bridget Marsicek Memorial Scholarship
  • Agnes David Mauro Memorial Scholarship
  • Kutilek-Mayer Family Scholarship
  • Smola-McCormick Scholarship
  • Clifford J. Miller Memorial Scholarship
  • Joseph F. & Helen Clare Murphy Family Scholarship
  • Adelaide & Ruth O’Keefe Memorial Scholarship
  • Sister Mary Brendan O’Malley Memorial Scholarship
  • Ojeski Family Scholarship
  • Archbishop Daniel E. Sheehan Scholarship
  • Sr. M. Callista Takes Scholarship
  • Kelly Ann Taylor Memorial Scholarship
  • Mary Roncka Urzendowski Memorial Scholarship
  • Renae C. Von Tersch Art Scholarship


Tuition Awards

  • Katherine A. Borghoff & Ingrid Kalinowski Borghoff Tuition Award
  • Sister Johanna Burnell Tuition Award
  • Callone-Flynn Family Tuition Award
  • Joan Jaksich Cimpl Tuition Award
  • John F. Daly Tuition Award
  • William & Patricia Stanek Dworak Family Tuition Award
  • Thelma Jean Foran Timmerman Tuition Award
  • Louise E. Gross Tuition Award
  • Carmello & Rose Guastello Tuition Award
  • Kenny Family Tuition Award
  • Wendy O’Rourke Leadership Award
  • Msgr. Paul F. Peter Tuition Award
  • Jim Slavin Tuition Award
  • Rev. Thomas R. Ward Tuition Award