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Operation Others

Service Food Drive2SMission: This group is actively involved in meeting the needs of people in the Omaha area who experience poverty, hunger and homelessness.  In addition to large group meetings with all the Omaha Catholic high schools, there are also smaller meetings with student core leaders from each school.  Fundraisers include Trick-or-Treating, Penny Wars, Dances, and the Holiday Can Food Drive.  They also deliver sack lunches to the homeless during the summer.  A great way to help others & meet people!

Club Meetings: Once a month at Mercy, and Wednesday night CORE team meetings at Creighton Prep High School.

Number of Members: Approximately 80, open to all grades

Leadership Positions: 4 core team members are selected from each school. Being part of the core team allows students to run an organization that makes a large difference in the community, and to truly be in charge of a group.

Additional Information: The goal of Operation Others is to feed 1,600 families in the Omaha area around Christmas, and to provide them with food for two weeks. The goal is met by holding multiple fundraisers such as dances, scavenger hunts, a turkey donation day and restaurant nights.