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OFF Campus FTP Login
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This page requires a popup windows to be opened, so if you see a warning about this page trying to open a popup please allow it.

If you get a message saying “This page cannot be displayed,” try refreshing the page. If you are running Internet Explorer, you can stop this error from occurring. To do this, go to your Tools Menu, Internet Options, Advanced, uncheck the “show friendly http error messages”. This service may not work with all versions of all Web browsers.


If your browser is incompatible with this service, you may want to download and install a dedicated FTP client on your computer. The ftp server address is ” ftp.mercyhigh.org”.


Note: After you hit the “Login” button, you will be prompted to enter your Netware password. If you enter your password correctly, the resulting page will show the contents of your Netware home directory. You may want to bookmark this page for future access. Other Tips:


Each server can support a maximum of 100 users via FTP. While there is no session time limit, please transfer the files you need and then disconnect so that you don’t prevent others from connecting.


This FTP connection counts against the maximum number of allowable connections for your account, which is typically set to one. If you’re logged into your Netware account on-campus, you will need to log out of that connection before you can log in through FTP.