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Classroom Faculty RegeleS

The faculty at Mercy High School are truly dedicated to ensuring all Mercy students are prepared for the next step in their education. 50% of the faculty have their Master’s degrees and the average tenure of teachers at Mercy is 14 years. The helpfulness of the faculty extends beyond the classroom, as they can be seen before and after school tutoring students, coaching a sport, directing a play or sponsoring a student organization.
Mrs. Kate Adams ’77 English/Speech
Ms. Brianne Bachman Chemistry/Physics/AP Chemistry
Mrs. Emily Burkey Algebra II/AP Calculus BC
Mr. Jeff Burkey Social Studies/Business/Athletic Director
Mrs. Mary Coyle English/Journalism
Mrs. Angela Dashner Theatre
Mrs. Chris Dunn P.E./Health/Sports Medicine
Mr. Dustin Hahn Business/Technology
Ms. Maria Hahn ’03 Algebra I/Pre-Calculus
Mr. Brooks Humphreys Social Studies/AP European History/AP Government/AP US History
Mr. Erik Jensen Spanish
Mrs. Cathy Kessler English
Mrs. Katie Kilpatrick Dance
Mrs. Amy Klein Academic Success Coordinator/English
Mrs. Jane Langenfeld Visual Arts
Mr. Sean Maddigan Theology
Ms. Mandi Marcuccio English/AP English Language/AP English Literature
Mrs. Ashley Miller ’04 Campus Ministry
Ms. Anne Mollner ’05 Spanish
Ms. Georgina Morse Guidance
Ms. Cathy Mousel P.E.
Ms. Heather Newville Biology/Anatomy/AP Biology
Ms. Melissa Regele Theology
Mrs. Rebecca Rhoads French
Mr. Josh Riesberg World History/Sociology
Mr. Chris Rosenthal Biology/Chemistry
Mr. Scott Stara Geometry/Trigonometry/Statistics
Mr. Paul Tschudin Business/Technology
Ms. Lori Umstead Media Specialisty
Mrs. Julie Vankat Theology
Mrs. Patricia Yunker Vocal Music/Guitar/AP Music Theory/Geometry/PreCalculus
Sr. Delores Hannon, RSM President
Ms. Sarah Regan Principal
Ms. Holly McCoy Assistant Principal for Student Life
Mrs. Kristi Wessling ’88 Assistant Principal for Academics
Mr. Jim Pogge Vice President for Advancement
Ms. Katy Butts ’03 Alumnae Relations Director & Events Manager
Mrs. Naomi Chambers Database Coordinator
Ms. Deborah Daley Director of Communications
Mrs. Sandy Gaydusek Executive Secretary
Mrs. Ruth Harre ’76 Office Manager
Mrs. Anne McGill ’00 Director of Admissions
Mrs. Jamie Randone Executive Secretary